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Suburban Roots is a 501(c)3 organization / EIN 82-2471454

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- We Convert Your Lawn Into An Urban Farm FOR FREE!!! 

       - Seriously... ZERO out of pocket cost

       - We Get Paid via Your Lawn Conversion Rebate AFTER the project is complete

- Lawn Conversion Rebate  Website

       - It's never been easier to get a free Urban Garden than right now

       - Low Income Households Keep the ALL OF Rebate + Garden

- Share With Your Neighbors!

        - Every one of your friends and neighbors will love getting fresh, seasonal, gmo and pesticide free fruits and vegetables from            a trusted source..... YOU!!


Our mission is to reduce water usage and bring everyone access to cheap, locally grown organic fruits and vegetables. We are using the CA Turf Rebate Program to turn your lawn into an edible garden made from recycled wood and locally sourced compost / seeds. 


Suburban Roots is a 501c3 that utilizes the Turf Replacement rebate program that gives homeowners the ability to sign over the rebate directly to us. We remove the  lawn with a process called "Sheet Mulching" and convert it into a basic mulched landscape. We then use locally sourced and recycled materials to construct raised bed plots as well as any row gardens / trellis. The whole process takes 1-2 days + the initial site survey which takes about 30 minutes. 

Also, many nurseries feel the loving spirit and give away their seeds to us for free from last years crops. It's a really cool thing they do and we are super thankful for the gesture.


In order to fund our project overhead we also make standing garden boxes for apartment renters or people who want a small low-maintenance garden. We request $75 donations for the planter boxes and they give people who rent apartments the ability to grow on their balconies. Please contact Matt (below) for more information.



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During WW2 there was such thing as a Victory Garden. These were used to conserve resources and allow the troops everything they needed. EVERYONE HAD ONE. If we as a country can summon that kind of resolve then, we can do it again. Only this time it's not the troops we're helping... it's PLANET EARTH!

I've had many jobs in my life that have showed me all aspects of society and, honestly, we can do better with our food system. I've worked in kitchens where they throw away more food than anyone can eat. Grocery stores where they toss "expired" food instead of donating it and letting them sort it. Farmer's Markets where the "local" crops travel the same distance as your store bought ones to your table. There are many things that the industrial revolution helped, but food was not one of them. 

I aim to give people power over their food again. Why pay Whole Foods $10 for a salad that is wrapped in plastic and travelled around the world? Just go out to your garden and pick one fresh :)

01.   CARBON
– .036 TONS

By removing 1000 Sqft of lawn you could also remove .036 TONS of Carbon from the environment per year in lawn care emmissions. 

02. Water
– 116,625.6 Gallons Per Year

One SqFt of Lawn uses 0.623 Gallons per day. Water that 2-3X per week and you are dumping 97,188 gallons (9 swimming pools) EVERY YEAR onto your lawn .

*based on 1000 SqFt lawn

03. Money
– $1,080 USD

Having gardeners come to your house per month averages at $90. Saving $1080 per year never hurt anyone. 

04. Lives
– 42 Million

According to Feeding America, in 2015, 42 million people in the US suffered from food insecurity and malnutrition; nearly equal to the 43.1 million people in poverty in the US. 

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